Do peacocks have to marry peahens?

On the way to school we had an interesting conversation.

Nuni: Do peacocks have to marry peahens?

Me: Instead of marrying pigeons you mean?

Nuni: Ya

Me: Yup!

Nuni: Is there a law like that? Did a peacock make that law?

Me: No it’s nature’s law.

Nuni (laughing): No a peacock minister made that law. If a peacock marries an pigeon, then the baby would be half pigeon half peacock!  If a peacock marries an elephant, then the baby would be half peacock half elephant!

Nuni: I think I want to marry a boy at a young age.

Me: No no you can’t get married till you are 25 years old :-p

Continued at night:

Nuni: If you take a human egg and put it in a bird, you would get a human body and bird wings. That’s how angels are made.

Me: What will happen if you put a bird egg in a human body?

Nuni: If you put a bird egg in a human uterus then you would get a bird body with hands instead of wings.

Then after a few seconds she said:

No, no, no, no sorry sorry sorry, you need to put a bird egg in a human body to get an angel.


Nunism: Heaven is not up, it is under the ground!

So Nuni declared that heaven is not up but underground. When I asked her why, she thought about it for a couple of seconds. First she said that rockets go to outer space so maybe heaven is there. Then she thought a few seconds more and explained it away like this:

When a plane goes up in space we can see the clouds but no heaven. But, zombies are normal people who die and rise up from the ground and they came up in a different form. The others who die and are buried, stay there in heaven.

Just to be clear:

The good people get to stay in heaven and get to do fun stuff. The others who do bad things come back in weird skin forms (their souls get these weird skins) when they come up as zombies.

Nuni’s fascination with souls continues…

“When you die, your soul leaves your body and moves to another body. The soul can be placed in any body. Do you know whose soul am I?”

Me: No

“Your grandmother’s!” 🙂

This reminded me of another conversation about my grandma’s soul. After she asked me whether my grandma’s bones were fossilised and we spoke about the what happens to the body after death, we got around to talking about the after life.

Me: I believe that my grandmother is in heaven looking at us.

(After contemplating) Nuni: Does the soul have sight?

Out of the mouths of babes.

Nuni on the human brain

So I was reading the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 to Nuni last night. We were reading about our awesome brain and Nuni goes, ” Our brain is like a princess and the white blood cells are like the guards!”

I suspect this bit of imagination also comes from The Magic School Bus. I love that series. Wish science was taught like that in every school.

All about puns

While reading The Magic School Bus story about light, I had to explain some punny references. Bright is for the bright light as well as a smart child and so on. Nuni was trying her level best to grapple with the idea of a pun. She is 7 years and a month old. So yesterday she came up with, “Is Mummy is pun? As in the Egyptian mummy and mother…” Knowing nuni, she will get it in a bit because she is trying so hard 🙂