About this Blog

There are a few topics that I love to talk about and will share something in one or the other category every day:

  1. Old Nuni Saying — Things my daughter Nuni says…Nunisms if you will like Phantom’s Old Jungle Sayings šŸ™‚
  2. India4Women — From using public toilets to weird things people do to powerful stuff
  3. Books Movies MastiĀ — Will also talk about food and places I like or don’t
  4. Awww: Anything or anybody who leads to an awww moment!
  5. Gender tightrope — This is the only category with a circus reference cause I will raise a few gender issues and I know I will have to tread carefully if I want to influence change and not just piss off a bunch of people!

You can follow me on twitter @SwapnaNowĀ and read more of my work here.

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