The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — Every standup comedy lover should watch this!


I could kiss whoever is curating content for Prime. I binge watched Suits and heartily recommend it! Jessica Pearson, Donna and other characters in Suits are some of the strongest female roles on the small screen. These women are strong and know their mind. Stuff role models for women are made of. But this is not about women who are clearly not going to let patriarchal rules govern their lives. This is about the marvellous Mrs. Maisel who is just figuring out what to do with her life — patriarchy, misogyny and all of that.

Few episodes in and I realised what the young stand-up comedians of this day and age lack: life experience that’s what! It seems like they took to stand-up after they stepped out of college and then on they stopped living. If you have seen one, you have seen ’em all! Mrs. Maisel has more gumption than all of them put together.



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