Why does Kangana Ranaut make people uncomfortable? #feminism

Kangana Ranaut recently spoke to Barkha Dutt about why she felt the need to stake everything on fighting a long drawn legal and social battle with Hrithik Roshan. In the course of the interview, she laid bare details of her life in a way no other Hindi film heroine has ever done before. While many people debate over the nitty gritties of her love life, over whether she was morally right in having an affair with a married man or whether what she spoke is the truth, this interview should have actually put the discussion beyond these petty issues.


Simply because this is not about washing her dirty linen in public like some of her detractors keep repeating. This is about having the conviction to state many things that people don’t know or brush under the carpet. She said these things in a public forum where there were journalists, corporate honchos, leading lawyers and other media personalities. Whether it was about the police or the woman’s commission or about certain legal rights that we have but are unaware of, some of these things are worth a second mention.

If the woman’s commission headed by Gurmeet Chaddha is not able to support a successful woman like her, what hope is there for other not so famous or well-off women who take on rich and powerful men?

Young girls should take the help of the police like she did when Aditya Pancholi stalked her.

Leaking nude pictures and other information about someone is a punishable offence under law.

She also warned men against having an extra marital affair by giving her own example. Though she said it with a smile, the thing here is that she was very clear that the man was cheating on his wife and she was not cheating on any husband. It is very important to not the difference here because people usually blame the “other” woman in a situation like this. Accepting Kangana’s statement at face value means acknowledging the fact that we as adults are accountable for our own actions.

She also went on to say that the man did not woo her with false promises and very clearly told her at the beginning that he wouldn’t publicly acknowledge her as his lover. It was only later as he was getting divorced, he pursued her and abandoned her at his whim. It was this behaviour that she couldn’t fathom. Why would she rake this affair over and over again? Why wouldn’t she when the man went to such lengths to prove that she had an affair with a look-alike imposter (which by now is clear she did not) and that she had mental health issues (which is not a crime even if she had). When she claimed that among the thousand odd emails that she was supposed to have sent, only a few were really hers, she was scared about what all he would fabricate. If he had leaked mails about extorting money or some such thing, she was scared that she could have been behind bars. That’s when she quipped, “Thank God I dated a dumb guy!”.

In her own words, the things that she is accused of are: sexual desire, witchcraft and being a psychopath. Whether she is a witch or schizophrenic or sexually active, the point she made is that none of these are criminal activities. And she was alarmed at how these things are hurled at her as though they were crimes if indeed she was doing or being any of those things. To top it all, he hired a top notch criminal lawyer to handle the case against her. So if Kangana says she fought to prove that she did not have an affair with a look-alike and he had to pay from her own pocket (unlike Hrithik who spent his father’s moolah) and now she wants value for her buck, I say more power to you Kangana. Hope you get what you paid for!

Don’t forget to watch my video on why Kangana makes people uncomfortable.


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