Bareily ki Barfi: A fun rom-com after ages!


After a few barf(y) movies, this comes as a refreshing change. My first thought was that Kriti Sanon is the poor producer’s Alia Bhat. She has that bright smile and peppiness without the OTT Anushka Sharma bubbliness 🙂 But the real delight is in the screenplay and dialogues. This movie had me googling the name of the script writer and also the lyricists because of “kadak songs” like Bad bad ass babua!

The whole movie is gripping and the pace does not slacken as you keep wondering who will the girl pick. The only jarring note in an otherwise perfect entertainer is Javed Akhtar’s narration. When will Bollywood get rid of the Sutradhar in a linear story? His lisp doesn’t help either! Sorry to all lispers out there, I have heard him speak in interviews and not bothered, but in this movie, it does not have any place.

Rajkumar Rao does an amazing job, but his character as Vidrohi is a bit all over the place ‘coz though it makes for fun viewing, logic has no place in it at all! Ayushman is the total boy next door hero all over again. As sweet, small town stories go, this one is a sure winner! I hope I never discover that this is not an original movie or something. Meanwhile, I give it a thumbs up and wholeheartedly recommend that you catch it this weekend, if you haven’t already 🙂


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