Is there anyone who can live forever? The correct answer: Yes!

When Nuni asked whether there is anyone, any creature, any species which can live forever, I didn’t realise that it was a riddle. So I didn’t think twice before replying that every creature, which is born has to die.

We just believe everything we are told. I am so glad that she has learned to question. I am also glad to learn about immortal jellyfish.  If you are not going to click the wiki link, basically the jelly fish can revert to being a polyp when it faces any threat. This process can go on and on until they are preyed on or catch a disease. They don’t have to worry about old age or falling sick. So in theory these are considered biologically immortal. This brings us to the interesting concept of death. If you read nothing else today, you should definitely find out about biological immortality.

Try googling biological immortality and you’ll be surprised. Something to trip on today 🙂

This one reminds me of the conversation on heaven being underground and not up in the sky.



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