Jab Harry Met Sejal is all songs and no story!

In one line: The movie might have been good minus ALL the songs!

No no none of the songs are good. They are all immensely forgettable. It has been a long time since a Shahrukh movie had terrible songs. Even Happy New Year had decent songs. This is one movie that need not have been made at all unless of course, it had to be shown as a loss making business for someone.

They tell you in the trailer that Sejal loses her engagement ring and is looking for it. That is that. The rest of the movie is a Europe travel extravaganza with no story and pakao sub plots. If nothing else, you will be convinced to travel to Budapest, Prague and Portugal 🙂 I wish they mentioned the names of the cafes and night clubs and restaurants so it could be a travel guide. Better yet, next time Imtiaz should Instagram a trip and not make a motion picture! It would be way better!

Perhaps this movie should have been made by Karan Johar. At least the songs would have been good. Shahrukh’s styling is amazing! Loved the coats and the khakis and the return of the Chak de beard!

I don’t get why there had to be a Sejal and she had to be a gujju. I mean I know that Deepika has done the Chennai thing and Dilwale is already set in the pind. So when it comes to Desi girls who are so innocent that they are the sweet, nice and sister type as Imtiaz puts it you have a gujju ben (unke toh naam mein hi sister hai :-()

All in all as a die-hard Shahrukh fan, I would say give it a miss in the theatres. Kabhi TV pe catch up kar lena (wink wink)!


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