The ultimate live your life movie: Rajwade and Sons (Marathi)


I am as Bollywood as one can get. I love the costumes, songs, drama and our superstars. But, as more and more recent Bollywood movies lack a soul, I find myself veering towards regional cinema. I am so glad to discover this gem of a movie called Rajwade and Sons. It is dramatic, yes, but sans the bhaari bharkam dialogues, the lip-synched songs and the whole pointless effort at comedy (not humour :-() that seem to par for the course in a Hindi movie.

I could talk about the simple yet powerful narrative or the spot on performances and rave about the movie as these typical critics and reviewers do. But, I am not here to pitch the movie. I am here to talk about why the movie resonates with me.

Have you ever felt the urge to do something with your life? Something different? And then gone on to stifle it, because…Because of fear of what will happen? Who will say what? Why rock the boat? When is the right time? All the thoughts and worries that hold us back. Not hold us back from reaching our potential or any such lofty goals, just holding back life’s simple pleasures. Like taking a solo trip. Or, playing hookey to watch a movie. Or colouring your hair purple? Or something basic like bingeing on all kinds of junk for a day till you are sick! All these things matter no? Solo trips and playing hookey means taking time off work or studies. A funky hair colour when you are not in media or a student means giving a wrong vibe — imagine a doctor or teacher with a purple shock of hair to get what I mean! And of course, eating junk food is almost a criminal offence when everybody and their brother is posting their weight loss pics and sculpted body wale gym pics on Facebook!

On the one hand, we fret over every bite we eat, keep saving for a rainy day, work till the stress is burning up our sides; on the other, we talk about how we are pursuing our dreams because YOLO.

Don’t worry the movie is not about all this. Rajwade and Sons is just a gentle, breezy reminder to start living. And it is not preachy. Just a story of a super-rich and successful family of jewellers. A story of the kids and grandkids who are fun, cool people individually, but turn into this super serious and responsible (in an uppity kinda way) as a bunch. Some live dual lives. Some break free and run away. The rest wait for the pieces of their lives to jumble and re-arrange themselves. I won’t give away the story. I was just talking about my impressions. The imprint on my soul. Yes, this is one of those subtle yet powerful movies, especially if you watch it at that point in life when you are mulling over what to make of it.

I don’t know whether the makers of the movie thought that it would have this sort of an impact, but I can’t even begin to describe how the story reached out to me. There is something I could identify with in every character. Some sentiment I could relate to. It was, of course, an intensely personal experience and the only reason for sharing is so you can experience it too!

To sum up without much further rambling, this movie as the ultimate inspiration to:

  1. Grab and bag and go on a trip now
  2. Get a grip and figure your shit.

Or, just

3. Go for it!


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