Qtiyapaguy Arunabh Kumar — sexual harasser or not –The TVF defense: One big sweeping denial and many loopholes!!

Here are the big loopholes in the Arunabh Kumar defense:

  1. Who is this woman? They (Golani, Nidhi etc.) claim such a woman did not work there. How do they know from an anonymous post, where the woman is obviously trying to conceal her identity?
  2. It did not happen to me…The “I did not face any such issues” disclaimer by Nidhi Bisht. Yes you are a woman, but not all women who worked there. So what did or did not happen to you can’t be used as a yardstick.
  3. I am a hot blooded single guy! The admission that he finds a woman sexy and tells her that off work and not at the workplace. This is a dead give away. He couldn’t out and out deny the film maker Reema Sengupta statments because she had apparently confided in others and also revealed her identity. So he responded in this way, making it sound as though sexy is a compliment and as though stating he is a “heterosexual male” covers it. News flash: Harassment begins where attention is unwanted and unappreciated.
  4. To investigate or not to investigate is that the question? The official statement that they want to bring the alleged victim to justice and the statement made by Nidhi that they take such allegations seriously is completely at odds with each other. If they have a policy, then they need to investigate. They can’t have investigated so quickly and declared her guilty and all in the same breath.
  5. This writer can predict the future! Bisso’s tweet about more such employees that are going to pop up, doesn’t aid the cause any, ‘coz employees or not more such women have popped up.
  6. Go(lani) wordplay! Schadenfreude makes for a great word of the day. But, your haters would need to really work hard to put together such a team of young women from neighbours to independent contributors to former employees…Wonder what is to hate so much? You guys were getting all the love, so this term was premature or was it prescient ‘coz you expected the backlash after the blog was out.
  7. Arunabh: Press charges or go to internal HR! If that is not a subtle threat I don’t know what is. He knows that once she quits he can’t go to HR. She claims that the legal team threatened her, if that were true she can’t press charges. Offering a neutral environment or offering to present himself to an impartial panel or something along the lines of being open to investigation while assuring complete protection would have been more sensitive than a tweet.
  8. Twitter don’t blame me no more! Lashing out at tweeple is not a defense, Arunabh. People are watching your reactions and if your fans are taking a stand against you, it is you who is digging your own grave and not the accuser.

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