Supposedly fiesty Kangana and millions of women find Kapil Sharma funny when he demeans men dressed as women!!


“You are so fat I want to spit at you. Yuck thoo!”

Yes, I just translated what Kapil Sharma said on his show to the fat guy dressed as a woman. This is something that millions of people watch at home with their kids and they are completely ok with it. Are these are the same people who troll Shobha De and have a problem with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s version of Padmavati?

Kangana Ranaut was laughing her lungs off as she found this “humourous”. Someone who finds Karan Johar’s brand of questioning unpalatable thought it is ok to indulge Kapil Sharma’s shenanigans.

Kapil Sharma has a lovely singing voice and can be funny apparently, but I wonder how this brand of humour goes down with parents. They watch the show with little kids and laugh and show it is ok to talk like that to girls. I see kids emulate that kindĀ of language unabashedly because it is heartily condoned by the parents. As an adult whatever you chose to view is your call. But, when it comes to showing it to your kids, remember, that by not condemning it, you are endorsing it.

We are going to make a big fuss during International Women’s Day and applaud feminists like Kangana and get back to watching Kapil Sharma on Tele. Who are we kidding? As a nation, we have treated women like crap and with this kind of nonsense that goes on every day, we are continuing to teach our boys that women should be shamed for their appearance and teaching girls that all this should be taken in good “humour”. Yuck thoo!



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