Raees: Angry young man returns?


Watching Raees is like watching those Amitabh Bachchan movies when you were six. Total dishoom dishoom!! And for a Shahrukh fan, the action combined with the charm is irresistable. I love the way the film is not out to make you cry or really root for the baddie. But yes, there are seeti bajao moments that made me wish I had taken a whistle with me.

Every punchline pe, you find yourself clapping and cheering. But, that’s totally SRK’s charm at work. As Raees the criminal, he does not evoke any sympathy. But the mastermind that he is, evokes a certain grudging admiration for his tactics. The sub plots are twisted enough to grip your attention and the songs are lovely. Zaalima has that Suraj hua madham quality minus the sizzling Shahrukh-Kajol chemistry. Mahera is a lovely actor but I am used to expecting someone stunning like Deepika on screen. SRK is the last of the romantic heroes and he makes anyone look good, but I just can’t get past Mahera’s nose.

Nawazuddin is now occupying the spot Iftekhar vacated — the perfect Bollywood cop anyone?

Of course, no talk about Raees can be complete without discussing the Laila song. I usually hate remixes, so I am biased. But, have you seen Zeenat Aman’s legs in the original??? I know they wanted to make it the new party song, but it is more of a cardio workout and lacks the sensuality of the original. Sunny Leone looks amazing as usual, but her costume and the choreography could have been waaaayyy better. Of course the events that unfold during that song are a completely different story. Talk about style and costume, I must say I am a big fan of Shahrukh’s kajal and pathan suit styling in the movie.

So all in all I say watch this movie with the pop corn and samosa and skip the coke as it rekindles your your childhood fantasies of being Amitabh Bachchan in a brawl with 10 people and heroically punching your way out with barely a cut lip!


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