Penis = Power? Man’s World by Y Films kinda implies that!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Man’s World and I honestly feel it will help some men empathise and get what it’s like to be a woman in their world. I have embedded the first episode in the series so you can decide whether it does that. It is 4-episode YouTube video series with a role reversal story where the lead character is a man whose identity is flipped overnight like the Freaky Friday movie and he wakes up one day in a world where men are getting the short shrift at home and at work as women call the shots. He has to cook, clean and work till he gets married, just as every other urban woman in India.

But here’s what’s wrong with it: They took role reversal one step further as they switched the reproductive organs so a man could get periods and have a baby.

While the character get’s to experience what it’s like to get periods, or get raped on his wedding night (as the woman’s on top doesn’t give a fig about waiting till he is ready or bother with any foreplay) or have mood swings during pregnancy, it seems like he is in this position only cause he is the one with the vagina.

So the woman who has a penis is the one eve teasing, hitting on men in the bar, getting the plum jobs in office, slut shaming the guy for sleeping his way to get promotions at work.

Moral of the story: Penis=Power?


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