Penis = Power? Man’s World by Y Films kinda implies that!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Man’s World and I honestly feel it will help some men empathise and get what it’s like to be a woman in their world. I have embedded the first episode in the series so you can decide whether it does that. It is 4-episode YouTube video series with a role reversal story where the lead character is a man whose identity is flipped overnight like the Freaky Friday movie and he wakes up one day in a world where men are getting the short shrift at home and at work as women call the shots. He has to cook, clean and work till he gets married, just as every other urban woman in India.

But here’s what’s wrong with it: They took role reversal one step further as they switched the reproductive organs so a man could get periods and have a baby.

While the character get’s to experience what it’s like to get periods, or get raped on his wedding night (as the woman’s on top doesn’t give a fig about waiting till he is ready or bother with any foreplay) or have mood swings during pregnancy, it seems like he is in this position only cause he is the one with the vagina.

So the woman who has a penis is the one eve teasing, hitting on men in the bar, getting the plum jobs in office, slut shaming the guy for sleeping his way to get promotions at work.

Moral of the story: Penis=Power?

Bang Baaja Baaraat: It is not that common, it doesn’t happen to everybody and not many have heard of it!

I thought YouTube videos were it and everybody has heard of Permanent Roommates and Pitchers and Man’s World. So when Bang Baaja Baaraat opens with a couple who hooks up on Tinder, I assumed everybody has heard of Tinder.

Then I had this chat with a good friend about these Webisodes and she told me she had never heard of Tinder or Hinge or Truly Madly Deeply. I was surprised, but to be honest, they were just words to me till a few months back.

Somehow most of the men my age know of these apps, but women, especially stay-at-home moms have not even heard of theem. And my friends tell me that so many of these men are also on these apps regardless of whether they were married or single. My conversation with my friend about how many people are on dating apps, reminded me of this line from Friends where Rachel says, “Just so you know, it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal.”

Book recommendation: The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs

If the 3 little pigs is a classic, then this is definitely a classic rebuttal. Here the wolf makes a case for a series of misunderstandings that led the media to believe he was guilty. It is amazing how the tone is plausible and skeptical at the same time. I like the tone and the pictures. The mendacity of the wolf’s tale is not the focal point. It is about how the same story can be different when the narrator changes. It gives kids a chance to hear both sides of the story if nothing else.

I love it. Nuni loves it. If that is not recommendation enough, I suggest you click the link and use Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature!

Fat or balding — still not UGLY

I read somewhere that a woman cannot be truly equal to a man till she is fat and balding and still think she is attractive to the opposite sex!

There were other criteria for the  great equaliser like forgetting hubby at the petrol pump (gas station) and not realising it. But the one about being fat stayed with me all these years. For the longest time, I equated fat to ugly. But, I don’t have a problem with it. I am ok with the label coz it is not a sticky one in my case. I still feel like a thin girl (that’s a stretch, yes, but ‘medium’ doesn’t quite cut it). Call it conditioning, call it whatever, I know how men and women look differently at obesity. Fat guys don’t obsess about their weight, the way fat women do. If you think they do, I would welcome a guest post on men’s issues with body image and conditioning 🙂 But, this is about how women perceive their worth or attractiveness based on how they look.

And as far as balding goes, I heard this one — men who are balding at the forehead think, men who are balding at the crown as sexy, and men who are balding all over think they are sexy! That joke would have never worked with a woman! So that is what makes this Dabur Vatika ad is really tick.