When I grow up, I want to be like her!

Shooting this video for breast cancer awareness was easy because the reactions were predictable. Every guy we asked had no qualms about feeling up breasts and women were squeamish (some also acted well :-). It played out as I expected.

In college, I knew girls who used to say stuff like, “I don’t know my bra size because my mom buys my bras.” Then when they grew up they said, “I don’t know how much my wedding costs ‘coz my parents are spending for it”. All their life they continue to be unaware of their body or their financial situation or anything else of import. I have known women like that all my life. Hell, each one of us has been that woman and is one of those at times — we may be ok with examining our breast, but are scared of a what a full body test will reveal, we may know our bra size or contribute to our wedding, but are completely ignorant of our husband or dad’s income/basically just think of an example of anything that has blindsided you because it was not a girly thing to know about or not womanly thing to do.

Then there are women I look up to and admire who are seldom caught unawares because they are in the know and they can zero in on what it is important and unclutter their mind. Women like Ujwala Raje who not only fought cancer but also runs the Pink Initiative, an NGO that guides breast cancer victims and runs support groups for women them. I met Ujwala and her doctor recently for a couple of hours.

Meeting Ujwala has been an honour and a privilege. She is brimming with positivity and I am filled with a sense of wonder and hope every time I think of her. I have finally found my hero! When I grow up, I want to be like her 🙂


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